cryptocurrency payment gateway

Trade Buy or sell bitcoin and other crypto-assets using different methods. I would expect a paypal window to open so that the customer can make a payment. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Wallet to wallet, “From your clients pocket into your pocket”.

With this groundbreaking solution, we are able to manage high volume transactions at a very low cost. In selected countries, your customers can earn a tokenback reward for every purchase with their Elly crypto wallet and its universal loyalty program. Here is an example of a payment gateway that incorporates this new technology as well as multi-cryptocurrency functionality.

Accept Crypto At Your Store Get $€¥£.

We are open to partner with organizations and Startups that create products for the internet and business. If you feel that a software component that you have made can add value to our customers, we’d like to explore the opportunity. A key emphasize during the Cryptocurrency payment development would be to make the entire payment infrastructure scalable and modular in order to make future upgrades possible.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

PurePay offers top knotch pricing but even better service and care. Added cryptocurrency payment gateway configuration options for bitcoin payment option in checkout page.

We’ve made it easy to start accepting cryptocurrencies with just a few lines of code. Accept cryptocurrency and get paid in your preferred fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing For Merchants

If you have some programming language knowledge, you can integrate their payment processor for free which gives you access to their free Bitcoin wallet. But the process is not so straightforward because they don’t have ready-to-use plugins yet.

It gives an ideal environment for trading to token holders and makes things more reliable. Furthermore, this platform provides a great number of options for individuals and enterprises both with advanced technological solutions. The payment integration cryptocurrency payment gateway tools, processing APIs, and plugins that they have deployed are high-end at every front. It was launched as an open-source project and was equipped with some trailblazing services that helped crypto enthusiasts to a great degree.

It is also compatible with the plugins of e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc. Your business can maintain its own asset reserve without any inclusion of a third party. It gives you a unique investment option by allowing you to reserve a certain amount of your profits separate, this helps businesses in the long-term. Get occasional news from GoCrypto about new feature announcements and other product updates for your business. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running.

  • As a result, it is already being used by 1,000‘s of merchants throughout the world to facilitate payments in bitcoin.
  • Shopify is one of the world most trusted and best cryptocurrency payment gateways.
  • It is supported in all but a handful of countries around the world making it an accessible option for merchants everywhere.
  • Once stablecoins enable customers, merchants, and suppliers to transact in cryptocurrencies, they can avoid the conversion altogether.

Additional Merchant Integration Options

We support all wallets allowing public keys, meaning BIP 44-compatible HD wallets. Smart contracts are used to negotiate and close payment agreements between transaction parties. Once an agreement has been established, smart contracts will verify the accuracy of a payment and expedite it to the correct counterparty.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

As if that wasn‘t enough to grab your interest, Coingate offers a range of different plugins and even allows for the creation of bitcoin payment buttons on any website. Coingate charge a 1% fee on all transactions, which usually take about 1 hour. The company is based in the United States and therefore is required to adhere to all U.S laws on currency exchanges.

IPS feature keeps the sellers in the loop of the current state of the transaction. Whenever there is a change in the status of the transaction, IPS notifies the involved parties to ensure that all are on the same page.

Been flagged as high risk and been barred from the network of most payment processors for dealing with cryptocurrencies? This will understandably be a very stressful time for you but there is a solution. You just need to connect a payment processor who specialises in dealing with crypto. Shopify gateway is an e-commerce payment gateway and is one of the most trusted ones in the crypto market today.

If the payment is not quick, then they can start to get logged and create more problems for the business. That’s why it is essential to make the crypto payments more efficient in every way and this particular solution does that impeccably. Analyse payments by day, hour and location, and learn about your business to grow it even further. And when you need to send out those paychecks, transfer your holdings from your GoCrypto account to your local bank account with just a click.

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Secure Transactions

Since 2013, GoCoin has been a long-time leader in the adoption and processing of blockchain currencies for online merchants. Our platform cryptocurrency payment gateway makes your business next commerce-ready, and able to accept Bitcoin and altcoin payments , by simply installing a plug-in.

You can either choose to use their WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress website or use their API for custom integration. Free of charge setup, the lowest fee of 0.5%, and no additional or hidden fees make it possible for you to manage your costs better. Mass payout feature allows you to pool and automate up to 1000 transactions, which will cut your fee costs by 80% and save you more time than you can spend on your business growth. It can be easily synchronized with your debit card with just the click of your finger.

Get Setup In Minutes, View And Manage Payments Plus More All From Our Simple, Easy To Use Dashboard.

Coingate charges a nominal 1% fee on transactions, which is quite reasonable. For the best bitcoin global exchange experience, Coinbase is the most trusted name. It boasts of being the largest bitcoin exchange in the U.S.A. Coinbase has a massive user base cryptocurrency payment gateway as it offers some fantastic features to its users. One trusted name for instant cryptocurrency conversion into fiat money. It completes the bitcoin exchange requirement for big and small businesses alike and takes only 2-3 days to clear the transactions.

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