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Lists in sentences can be called “horizontal” lists. All other types of lists presented here are “vertical” lists because they format articles vertically rather than in paragraph format. Lists are useful because they highlight selected information in plain text..

When you see a list of three or four articles lined up vertically on a page, rather than in the usual paragraph format, you will naturally notice more and probably pay more attention to it. Some types of lists make it even easier to read. For example, in the instructions it is very helpful to have each step numbered and separated from the previous and next steps. Lists also create more white space and expand the text so that the pages do not look like solid walls of words. When applied to writing, 80/20 rules suggest that you can probably generate 80% of your content 20% of the time…

Views in academic writing may include arguments, recommendations, interpretation of results, or evaluation of the work of others. In a persuasive letter, each of your statements should be supported by some evidence, for example, a reference to research results or published sources. Most academic writing requires you to go one step further than analytical writing to persuasive writing. A persuasive letter has all the features of analytical writing (i.e. information plus shuffle information), with the addition of your point of view. Most essays are compelling, and there is at least one compelling element in the discussion and conclusion of the research article…

Focus on putting your ideas on paper, even if it seems clumsy. Do not try to write sentences that are clearly mentioned in the first draft. Each subject discipline will have specific written conventions, vocabulary, and types of lectures that you will become familiar with as you progress toward your degree. However, there are some general characteristics of academic writing that are important in all disciplines…

Positioning letter

View lists of more than 6 or 8 items; for long lists, look for ways to split or combine. List items should only be placed if they represent complete sentences, sentences or phrases ending in a sentence beginning with the introductory part. Use simple vertical lists when list items do not need to be sorted and sorted vertically just to be read. Start the list with an introductory phrase or sentence (the introductory phrase does not have to be a complete sentence; list items can complement the grammar started by the introduction). List dots in a comma sentence if they are not complete sentences; with semicolons if they are complete sentences.

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