Nearly 30 NM students awarded $25,000 scholarships each

29 incredible New Mexico high school students were awarded $25,000 scholarships each, Saturday. The group of students is the first ever to finish a new program through the New Mexico Leadership Institute.

The students applied as juniors in high school for enrollment in NMLI’s flagship scholarship program.

The NMLI partnered with both UNM and New Mexico State University to choose the recipients from a pool of nearly 300 applicants. Part of the requirements was that each student must plan to attend either the University of New Mexico or New Mexico State University.

Recipient Brian Hemminger says they had monthly challenges and worked with mentors to complete a community service project to get to this point. However, the hard work doesn’t end here. They still have to take more courses and workshops and maintain their GPA.

“It’s all coming to life now that we’ve actually gotten the scholarship and completed all of the pre-requirements,” said Hemminger.

Saturday, the students who successfully completed the program were given their $25,000 scholarships for college.

Daniel Burrell says he and his wife thought up the New Mexico leadership institute. Not knowing if it would work.

“If this first class hadn’t succeeded, future classes couldn’t have succeeded,” Burrell said.

Burrell says the whole plan is to keep the best and brightest in New Mexico.

“Too much of our talent leaves the state.  This program is focused on retaining it and also really building up our industrial base, our private sector,” said Burrell.

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Mindshare LabsNearly 30 NM students awarded $25,000 scholarships each