Leadership Institute helps earnest NM freshmen succeed

No one spoke a difference “the best and a brightest” as dual New Mexico universities got together over lunch over a weekend to respect 29 special freshmen, though a word was clearly on everyone’s mind.

In usually a few weeks, a 29 will start their aloft preparation careers during New Mexico State University and a University of New Mexico. All 29 start propagandize with dual extras underneath their caps that will assistance them by a college years – dual things many students can usually dream of:

⋄  Two years of training and superintendence from a New Mexico Leadership Institute.

⋄  Scholarship checks for $25,000 – a munificent sum of $725,000.

The grant awards during a luncheon during UNM culminated a week of heated concentration on a question, “What is leadership?” Faculty members and administrators from both universities and member of a business universe discussed with a scholars a significance of such topics as networking, internships, holding a longhorn by a horns, problem solving, dedication, perseverance, drive.

NMLI is a brainchild of Dan and Katy Burrell. He is an businessman behind several successful businesses in fields as different as health caring and genuine estate. The Burrells and their family and businesses are also a source of a NMLI grant funds.

In an interview, Dan Burrell pronounced he was desirous by his relatives – Mom was an educator, Dad an businessman – and by his adopted state of New Mexico, where “the turn of need is so salient.”

“There aren’t a lot of organizations out there that bond all a dots and stay with students,” pronounced a internal of Albany, N.Y.

The program’s idea is to flower and to keep a best and a brightest right here in New Mexico. The second NMLI category of high-schoolers will be announced in September.

Three of a immature scholars were singled out by their peers for special recognition: Marissa Perez, a connoisseur of Amy Biehl High School, perceived a group’s Generosity Award; Kevin Prieto, recently of Las Cruces High School, won a Bright Ideas Award; and Gabriel Gallegos, also of Las Cruces High, was presented with a Positive Attitude Award.

All of a scholars got to benefaction NMLI projects in a UNM Student Union Building.

Corey Stevens, a connoisseur of Goddard High School in Roswell, did his plan on “Impaired and Distracted Driving,” that amicable scientists contend causes some-more automobile crashes than inebriated driving. Stevens, who will investigate economics and open process during New Mexico State, enlisted a assistance of City Hall and even swayed Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh to announce Apr “Impaired and Distracted Driving Awareness Month.”

Sarah McEachern geared her plan toward training immature children a value and delight of reading. She sponsored a “Book Bonanza” during her hometown Artesia Library and stoked seductiveness in a printed word by reading to immature children and by carrying them pattern and make bookmarks. McEachern, who schooled to review when she was 3, approaching about 50 children to attend a Book Bonanza; 90 showed up. Through fund-raising and donations – she had lined adult a support of internal businesses and media and a superintendent of schools – she was means to buy 130 books for a kids.

“I trust education is unequivocally important,” a Artesia High School connoisseur said. “Young children need to be speedy to read.”

Another academician whose interests distortion in reading is Pierce Hemphill, recently of La Cueva High School. His idea was to yield books for homeless children, and nonetheless he didn’t strech his aim of 1,000 books, he knows a 710 he collected were a good success.

Because of dyslexia, Hemphill had problems reading as a child. The condition wasn’t identified until he was 11, though afterwards a four-year healing module was means to assistance him. Today, he reads all a time, and in a tumble will investigate financial and economics during UNM’s Anderson School of Management.

The New Mexico Leadership Institute grant recipients are:

Livier Arevalo-Diaz – Pojoaque Valley

Daniela Armendariz – South Valley Academy

Priscilla Artalejo – Gadsden High School

Giovana Bermudez – Gadsden High School

Erica Duran – Mayfield High School

Kelley Espinoza – Gadsden High School

Shayna Gallacher – Carrizozo High School

Gabriel Gallegos – Las Cruces High School

Jessica Gonzalez – Lordsburg High School

Brian Hemminger – Melrose High School

Pierce Hemphill – La Cueva High School

Kristin Kelley-Goen – Onate High School

Kaleb Kleckler – Capitan High School

Esai Lopez – Gadsden High School

Hanna Makk – Las Cruces High School

Joylynn Martinez – Pojoaque Valley

Lauren McCubbins – Pojoaque Valley

Sarah McEachern – Artesia High School

Janna Mills – Cimarron High School

Maurine Morris – Taos High School

Marissa Perez – Amy Biehl High School

Kevin Prieto – Las Cruces High School

Mindshare LabsLeadership Institute helps earnest NM freshmen succeed