Carrizozo and Capitan students awarded $25,000 scholarships

A Carrizozo student and a Capitan student will be the lucky recipients of $25,000 each in college scholarship money.

The New Mexico Leadership Institute will present 29 college-bound students including Kaleb Kleckler from Capitan and Shayna Gallacher of Carrizozo, with the awards during a banquet on June 28 to celebrate the completion of a year-long leadership program.

The banquet will be held on the campus of the University of New Mexico, in the Student Union Building, Ballroom A, beginning at 12:30 p.m. Senior members of the faculty and administration will be in attendance for the graduation.

“These scholars will always have a special place in my heart as the inaugural New Mexico Leadership Institute class,” said Daniel Burrell, founder of the Leadership Institute. “Each one of our graduates has developed leadership skills that will give them the ability to take every advantage of their college education.”

Burrell and the institute partnered with UNM and New Mexico State University to select this year’s 32 students, who were chosen from nearly 300 qualified applicants. Over the past year, students have worked with renowned faculty, state and national leaders and engaged in a wide variety of community service programs and personal challenge assignments. The program is designed to encourage young leaders to remain in New Mexico after they graduate.

“Through training and mentorship, the program will improve high school graduation rates, advance college enrollment and cultivate an entrepreneurial curiosity in the institute scholars for addressing New Mexico’s social, business and public sector challenges,” Burrell said.

In addition to the scholarships, students will be paired with a faculty member to help them better navigate the challenges and demands of higher education.

The New Mexico Leadership Institute is a five-year program targeting New Mexico high school juniors who have demonstrated a particular aptitude for leadership, creativity, resourcefulness and an entrepreneurial spirit, but who may be at risk of dropping out of high school or not attending college. The goal of the program is to graduate these students from high school, support their transition into one of New Mexico’s flagship universities and have them graduate in four years with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain ready employment in New Mexico.

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