Burrell’s first UNM, NMSU Leadership Institute grads hit campus

Dan Burrell wants to do something to help retain in-state talent, and the first leg of that vision is coming to fruition next week.

Burrell is the former CEO of Santa Fe’s Rosemont Realty, now an adviser, and is the current founder and CEO of Burrell Western Resources. He is chairman of the New Mexico Leadership Institute.

He and others involved in the NMLI are welcoming 30 incoming college freshman to the UNM campus on June 22 to begin a week-long summer academy. NMSU Economics Professor Jim Peach and Anderson School Professor Manuel Montoya will work with the students on economic-development training during the week’s worth of events. It’s one of the final pieces of an endeavor that began when the students were juniors in high school.

They will receive $25,000 scholarships from NMLI at the end of the week for their college education.

“Last year was general leadership and community action training. Now we’re pushing them to get into more critical thinking and thinking about the economy,” said Renée Delgado-Riley, a program planning officer in the Office for the Associate Vice President for Student Services and Center for Education Policy Research at UNM. Delgado-Riley is a NMLI liaison for Burrell.

“I’m so excited because these students are a mere 18 years old but are far beyond their age,” she said. Almost 300 students applied for this inaugural class, which was narrowed down to 60 who were interviewed by a panel before the final 30 were chosen, added Delgado-Riley.

The ambitious program is a collaboration with UNM and NMSU. Sixteen students in the inaugural class are attending NMSU, and 14 are attending UNM. Another 30 students will be identified for the next NMLI, which starts in the fall.

The program was set into motion in 2012 to find high-caliber high school juniors who were interested in building leadership skills. The program provides the students with training, financial resources, mentoring and internships.

To learn more about the fall program, interested high school juniors can apply through their school guidance counselors or download an application online here.

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